The new crop circle season is well underway, and our stalwart sensitives Petra Martens and Sean Solloway are hard at it in the fields of southern England taking energies from the new crop formations.

Now they are getting downloads directly from the field in real time.

Left: Newton Barrow formation.

"I'm like a kid in a candy store!  Oh my gosh, you have created amazing products!
 I *love* these ET gifts, they are helping me so much.  Thank you! I tell everyone I can, spread the word on Facebook.  Yes!" 
--Tom Clearwater

"A drop of the Global Healing Mandala water (TTS2K0101) four times a year has kept my hot tub clean for two years now without chemicals. It's a balance, not a battle. I love it! It has already paid itself back!"
--B.C., N.C.

"Thank you for all the new products you put up on your website, Yuroc!  Your products have accelerated my learning, which I much needed because I came into 2012 with many potentials needing activation.  I am very grateful.  I am happy that my need supports your operations.  Isn't that lovely?"  
--TC of Vancouver

"I have been using the Resurrection Merkaba essence, TTS2K1211, on a regular basis, and I have noticed that I am more focused, as well as more relaxed."
--Carol Peim, Asheville NC

"I'm finding them very effective.  Wow, acceleration!  I love the Power of your Essences.  Thank you, Yuroc!"  
--T. Clearwater, B.C. Canada

"I was drawn to the TTS2K1102 Double Spiral essence at your display at the Asheville Star Knowledge Conference. I had been having trouble centering my energy for meditation. I took one drop, and my energies cleared and began spinning like the double spiral in the formation. It is wonderful! Thank you!"
--a satisfied customer, Hendersonville, NC

"I put some of the Swirling Water, TTS2K0101, in my hot tub six months back, and it is clear to this day, no scum, no cloudiness, no chemicals, just clear water. It is beautiful and much cheaper than buying harsh chemicals to fight the bacteria."

--S. Whittenton, N.C.

"And let there be more!  These are precious offerings." --Tom C., British Columbia
We  joined Barbara Lamb  in late August 2013 to absorb more energies from agriglyphs in the fields of England. This year's crop of new formations was late, due to the cool and wet weather, related to global warming. Nevertheless, 12 new essences have arrives, and theya re available in the "New" tab.

The essence menus have been collected into sets according to their purpose, for better ease of access.
The categories are
Body healing
Spiritual upliftment
Earth restoration
Cosmic energies, and
Higher-Level harmonic chords.

The latter category includes the new harmonic chords that are created from intuitively guided sets of not more than 6 primary cosmic energy essences. If the primary essences are like piano keys, these are like chords - new harmonics never before heard on Earth.  It is a higher level solution.

by Brian L. Crissey Ph.D.

Perhaps 600 dowsers from around the nation converged on the campus of Lyndon State College, Vermont, from June 5-11 to hear many speakers and to partake of many workshops, all on various aspects of dowsing. Your faithful vice-president spoke in the main classroom on Friday, June 6 on "Communication with Extraordinary Beings by Dowsing and Decoding Crop Circles." It was well received. What follows is an account of life in the vendors' gym as three new harmonic chord essence-beings were birthed, with the assistance of a few hundred midwife-dowsers.

Day One Eighty-eight shiny cobalt-blue bottles stood in uneven rows on the NotMadeByHands.com table. The uninitiated saw what might be a colorful set of flower essences or homeopathic remedies, but to those whose dowser-eyes could peer across the Quantum Edge into the Akashic Field, an astonishing multicolored fountain of shimmering energy bubbled and spouted around the display.

To one side, a multicolored printed swirl lay beneath seven more bottles, each mysteriously labeled “GM.” A two-ounce bottle anchored the center, while six more one-ounce bottles circled it, one centered on each of the six symmetric arms of the Global Healing Mandala, whose design was derived intuitively from a remarkable crop formation that appeared in England's Milk Hill field just before 9/11.That formation comprised 409 perfect circles, each a prime number of inches in diameter, in six symmetric arms. It was created in four hours of darkness, in the driving rain, without footprints. To any but the foolish or stubborn, the design was not made by hands, and the Global Healing Mandala is now recognized by those who have used it as a potent intention-focusing tool to manifest reality. It was used in 20 nations to help manifest a better world on 12/21/12.

Beside the array of bottles was a ballot on which attendees voted on 25 possible new “universal” essences that might be created next. The list was transcribed by Aingeal Rose O'Grady, a respected reader of the Akashic Records, and author of A Time of Change: Akashic Guidance for Spiritual Transformation, which sold out at the table on day one. One essence was to be created each day at the conference. The one created on day one intends to protect people from the ill effects of GMOs and to reconfigure the DNA of affected plants, returning them to their natural pristine DNA states. Next in line for Saturday was an essence intended “to help the elderly, especially those who are old and alone.” Sunday's creation, determined by Saturday's cumulative votes, intends to support the incoming special children, the Crystals and Rainbows. We live in an intentionally manifested world, and we can and will create these essences, which will be effective, no doubt.

Visitors to the booth were invited to dowse the 88 possible candidates to identify six for inclusion in the new “recipe.” Source suggests that we limit to six the number of component essences in any new composite essence. The 88 candidates are like keys on a piano, and creating a new composite essence is like inventing a new harmonic chord, never before heard by human ears. The difference, of course, is that the selection of keys is dowsed rather than played.

One essence that is always included is 0101, the Global Healing Mandala, which is the mixing bowl, binder and stove that turns the raw recipe and components into a delicious energy confection.

Next to be dowsed for inclusion was 1221, New Dawn, a composite essence created by a three-day Turning of the Ages gathering in Western North Carolina around 12/21. It intends to manifest and sustain what the ancient Hopis called the 5th World. Its Akashic Record reading says, “This is undoubtedly the Mandala of joy and celebration, a Mandala to celebrate life, living, joy, and happiness. It also brings in higher thoughts and higher ideas and helps with problem-solving from a new perspective.  It raises the frequencies of those who use it into a frequency of joy, celebration and elation and shifts their energy into an entirely new paradigm. Use this essence to achieve instant manifestation for things that belong to this higher order, i.e., anything based on joy, celebration, exhilaration, happiness and true love amongst all people.” We cannot effectively fight Monsanto with anger, but we can manifest a world so high in joyful frequency that ideas like growing pesticides inside our foods will not be allowed to even surface.

Next came 1002, Inner Resonance, an Arcturian essence that, according to the Akashic Records, “harmonizes you and promotes wellness, adjusting your hormonal imbalances and integrating your higher and lower chakras, balancing the male-female differences. It affects the hemispheres of the brain, creating a hormonal cascade in your brain. It helps you understand unity, enabling you to see the infinite, but opposite, potential on each side of different realities." While we dislike GMOs, it is important for us to understand that the people at Monsanto probably think they are doing good in the world.

The fourth component dowsed out to be 0705, The Dawn of Creation, a Pleiadian-Arcturian formation that “represents the process of creation. This essence can open up and stimulate your creativity and show you your potential. Much more is possible than your limited thoughts of what could be. You are in the field of unlimited possibilities, with a huge opportunity to create alternate realities. This is an opportunity to create whatever reality you choose.” We are collectively choosing to create a GMO-free world. An interesting “coincidence” was the intense radiation level recorded inside this agriglyph. Radiation modifies DNA, while the GMO problem is modified genetics. It seems these two players play on the same ball field. This one was probably a meaningful choice.

The next essence dowsed from the 88 included another surprise: 0804, Estarra, a Pleiadean formation that appeared next to a wind rotor and looked like three interacting cogwheels. It is "a very powerful essence! It is a powerful force for moving things onward that have been dormant or stuck for a long time.... On a personal level, it will move you out of “stuckness” by causing the changes necessary for forward progress. It ratchets up your awareness, consciousness, and spiritual frequencies for the great shift. It balances body, mind and spirit." The surprise was not that this essence was selected out the 88 choices, which can be expected with a probability of 1/88. The surprise was that the next dowser also selected Estarra, an event that occurs naturally only once in every 7744 trials, a very high level of statistical significance. This selection almost certainly did not happen by chance. Something else must be going on.

In the final minutes before Convention Manager Nathan threatened to release the hounds on anyone still in the vendor room, the six dowsed candidate bottles were placed in the circle and four dowsers, Brian, Richard, Nancy and Holly, entered into sacred circle around the 13 bottles. The four centered themselves, breathed love energy into their heart chakras, and spun the Global Healing Mandala gently in their minds' eyes, drawing in violet transformative cosmic energy from far above, and rich, green, loving Earth energy from far below. These energies mixed and swirled in the center, distributing out along the great symmetric arms, sweeping through the dowsers' energy fields, cleansing and empowering them, and causing the receptive waters to permanently remember the group intention of returning to a GMO-free world.

Each of the four dowser “parents” was given a bottle of the newly born 1307, “GMO-free,” a powerful ally in our collective effort to wrest this beautiful free-will planet from the grasp of self-serving powers that would harm us and the sustainable world we intend to pass on to future generations. This newborn “child” came without instructions, except for the mysterious but reliable guidance that comes from across the Quantum Edge, when one inquires within.

The newborn essence will now be shipped to Aingeal Rose O'Grady in San Diego, who will enter into sacred ceremony with it and retrieve its Akashic Record, its true name and its necessary price. Her spirit-artist husband AHONU will then dowse a beautiful and inspiring image to adorn the label of the bottle, and NotMadeByHands.com will distribute it into the world to those with ears to hear, eyes to see, and hearts to feel.

The prices set by the essences themselves seem high to some, compared to Earth-based essences, but NotMadeByHands.com conducts its business using a new economic model—Good Will Pricing. The customer dowses a discount up to 50% and pledges to make up the financial deficit through significant acts of good will in the world. The Akashic Records have stated that the digits in each price form a numerological harmonic that catalyzes the power of the essence when the sufficient value has been exchanged. It's a new economics for maintaining our new world, the 5th World of love, balance, and sustainability. And so ended Day One in the vendors' room at the 2013 National ASD Convention.

Day Two

Outside, the stubborn remnants of a Floridian tropical depression drizzled seemingly endless rain from a dreary sky, reminding us of our global climate connections, but inside, the energy was high in the vendors' room. Visitors to the NotMadeByHands table were invited to dowse ingredients for a new harmonic-chord cosmic energy essence “to help the elderly, especially those who are old and alone.” This choice was a clear front-runner among the voting dowsers on day one of the conference. The first ingredient was the mainstay, 0101, the Big Kahuna, the Global Healing Mandala, which mixes, glues and manifests intention. No surprise there.

Next came 1008, Evolution of the Species, a Mayan-spirit contribution that helps one “cope with the everlasting cycle of change and connect back to Source and experience the interconnectedness of all life,” according to its Akashic Record. The older one gets, the harder it becomes to cope with change, and the more likely a person is to feel disconnected from family support. This essence seems to be appropriate for elders, helping them to cope with change and feel included and appreciated again.

The third essence dowsed by the attendees was 0506, The Language of Love, a very loving Arcturian formation. It “stimulates DNA in people who are really asleep, awakens DNA potential and parts of the body that are not turned on and starts bodily change, like a spark.” Elders often lack invigorating love-based stimuli, and their bodies begin to weaken, so this ingredient seems a good fit.

The fourth dowsed ingredient was 0511, Love in Action, a Sirian formation whose essence “emits a very nurturing feeling. It is very feminine. It supplies you with love in many ways, whatever you need. It is like mother’s milk. It is for healing. It restores your self-acceptance, your feeling of being loved and cared for, and it allows you to be more loving.” A better fit for what elders need is hard to imagine, even if one were to read the Akashic Record instead of dowsing it.

Fifth to be dowsed into the recipe was 0303, Radiance, a solar contribution from the Sun People that “upgrades one's perception to a higher frequency and changes the crystalline structure in the mind and brain, upgrading one's eye 'sight' and inner knowing. It repairs and upgrades your body’s electrical system so that signals can through more easily.” Most elderly people's electrical systems could use some tuning up, it would seem.

The final ingredient to be included was 0509, Coming Home, a Pleiadean formation whose essence helps adults who have had traumatized childhoods. There are no doubt plenty of them in the old-folks homes and care facilities of this country. Many of us have had hard childhoods.

In the final minutes of the day, while Nathan was unchaining the hounds to drive the vendors from the room, six heart-centered people gathered in sacred circle to draw in a multitude of higher spirits to activate the newly born harmonic-chord essence, temporarily named “Companion.” The “parents” took their new “children” into the world with them as they left, with new hope and a lift in their steps. Each had in mind one or more elders whose lives they intended to lift with their bottled love.

Day Three

The voice of the dowsers was very clear about which cosmic chord to design next: “an essence to provide the circumstances to support the Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children to be able to flourish in this dimension, unencumbered and unhindered.” According to Aingeal, the Indigos have been incarnating for 50 to 100 years to accelerate our evolution. “They are very pure and innocent, but have much knowledge and wisdom. They are very sweet and pure in spirit, giggling and laughing, expressing pure love, joy, playfulness and creativity in boundless self-expression.” Many of us are Indigos.

“The Crystal children carry a completely different harmonic frequency than the Indigos. More of their harmonics are turned on, and they exhibit greater gifts of creativity, especially in music, sports and invention. The Indigos had to come first to do the hard work to prepare the way for the Crystal children,” according to A Time of Change. Many of our children are Crystals.

According to Aingeal, the Rainbow children are “Holy children from far outside of our galaxy, like little avatars. There are not many here yet, because our consciousness must rise first. They are very advanced in personal mastery and will anchor peace into this planet. They help us ascend into the collection of planets that function under the Christ principle.” Our chapter Treasurer, Nancy Baumgarten, has been working with special "psy-kids," who are probably Rainbow kids. See her excellent and avant-gard work at http://psykids.org.

The dowsers selected exactly four ingredients for this recipe, and 0101 was the first, of course. Then came the Arcturian 0503, Tree of Life, whose pyramidal design “affects the crystalline structure of the Earth. It can be used deliberately to affect the crystalline structure of plants, humans and minerals.” This may be part of the raising of Earth's frequency to enable the Rainbow kids to flourish here.

The second ingredient to be dowsed into the recipe was the Pleiadean 0509, Coming Home, whom we met earlier, but this time the pertinent part of the reading “has to do with repairing childhood traumas and helping children through traumas and balances.” These special children are being traumatized by inflexible schools and religious teachings, and they need the powerful help that this essence and people like Nancy offer.

The final ingredient was 1205, Star Mission, from the Star Collective, a relatively new group of players on our stage. Aingeal reports that “there is a force pulling the Earth to new coordinates in the multidimensional time-space continuum, changing our entire field. There is a new frequency online here on Earth. This essence realigns your own light body and physiology to Earth’s new coordinates and aligns you to our new coordinates as the Earth moves into place. This is a celebration! Before, they wouldn’t have bothered to move the Earth, but now we’re good enough! We can join them now!” It seems that our planet's multidimensional position is being adjusted, perhaps to raise its frequencies to help the Rainbow kids thrive and flourish.

As the vendors' area closed around them, a dozen heart-centered dowsers gently circled heart-centered energy through the Great Healing Mandala, drawing in violet, transformative, cosmic energies from above and pulling up healing and loving green Earth energies from below. The beautiful blue bottles shone with a new, powerful, and purposeful interior grace, invisible to the unwashed, but gorgeous to those assembled for the sacred ceremony. The love that bathed the gym that day will never be forgotten by those who had the great opportunity to feel it, and the bottled energies they carried with them are already spreading love out across the world, making it more suitable for the special young beings of love who are already here, and for those not yet arrived.

And so ended Day Three on the vendors' floor at the 2013 Convention of the American Society of Dowsers. Just another day on Planet Earth.

On the Full Moon 2/24/13, a number of heart-centered folks gathered to create a new essence. Source requested that the group create an essence that disengages negative entities and possessions. There has been an onslaught of such entities in the energy environment of the Earth, since unhealed, suppressed grief is being released as the energies of the Earth continue to rise in the aftermath of 12/21/12. These entities seek people to attach to, and the essence will shield them from such attachments and disengage them from any that have already attached.
The essence was successfully co-created by 21 co-parents: 
Barbara A Brian C Caz Chet Christina C Dale W Duncan T Jim C Jo R Judith R Judy D Keldwyn T Laura Lynette W Melinda H Pam C Richard C Roy D Sandy T Steven W Vernon J and the participating essence beings were
0101 Global Healing Mandala Catalyst for opening divine/cosmic consciousness within self, and the planet. 
0604 Divine Closure Brings closure. Allows one to move on from the wheel of karma with no encumbrances. Creates beautiful harmonics. 
0605 Dream Weaver Releases old patterns not in alignment with where we are going. Makes peace with the past. Creates a new paradigm. 
0904 Return of Quetzalcoatl Helps you rebalance with the sustainable Earth, like the ancient Mayans. Carries new harmonics, deepens reverence. 
1103 Star Seed (Melatonin) For those ready for new brain chemicals; clears out buried emotions. Helps Native Americans resurrect as a race. http://notmadebyhands.com/set-2.html#TTS2K1103
1206 Rivers Running Changes the fluid dynamics in your body to be consistent with the new reality. Use after 1/13/13. 

Several essential documents have been linked from the site, via the "Dox" page.
Check them out. It is essential to understand these documents.
This essence was embargoed by Source until January 2013. It offered to assist in the co-creation of RF Shield TTS2K1303, see below.
It is a powerful transformative agent that affects the water in your body.

60 professional dowsers assembled 2/9/13 to co-create this new essence RF Shield TTS2K1303 that protects you from the insidious effects of RF pollution from cell phones anad towers. Very needed.
Be sure to watch the "Resonance" video at http://tinyurl.com/RFshield
Be careful. I placed it near my wi-fi source before turning it on this morning, and it blew us off the Internet. I had to remove the essence from the router before the signal was usable in the house. Better to carry the bottle with you, or take it internally.
Advice: turn off your wireless devices when you do not need them. Turn off night lights. Take Melatonin before sleeping. Use TTS2K1103 Star Seed to restore the necessary melatonin energy frequencies i your body, if you cannot take melatonin.

This new Pleiadian essence TTS2K1301 is very strong. It was birthed by Pam and me on the first New Moon of the 5th World, 1/11/13, with the aid of 8 essence beings, indicated to the left.     This essence strengthens the physical body, at the 'interstellar' and intercellular levels. It looks like a latticework that strengthens the connective tissues and builds a new latticework of light within the body. This latticework fills in places where those connections were weak or missing.