"I'm like a kid in a candy store!  Oh my gosh, you have created amazing products!
 I *love* these ET gifts, they are helping me so much.  Thank you! I tell everyone I can, spread the word on Facebook.  Yes!" 
--Tom Clearwater

"A drop of the Global Healing Mandala water (TTS2K0101) four times a year has kept my hot tub clean for two years now without chemicals. It's a balance, not a battle. I love it! It has already paid itself back!"
--B.C., N.C.

"Thank you for all the new products you put up on your website, Yuroc!  Your products have accelerated my learning, which I much needed because I came into 2012 with many potentials needing activation.  I am very grateful.  I am happy that my need supports your operations.  Isn't that lovely?"  
--TC of Vancouver

"I have been using the Resurrection Merkaba essence, TTS2K1211, on a regular basis, and I have noticed that I am more focused, as well as more relaxed."
--Carol Peim, Asheville NC

"I'm finding them very effective.  Wow, acceleration!  I love the Power of your Essences.  Thank you, Yuroc!"  
--T. Clearwater, B.C. Canada

"I was drawn to the TTS2K1102 Double Spiral essence at your display at the Asheville Star Knowledge Conference. I had been having trouble centering my energy for meditation. I took one drop, and my energies cleared and began spinning like the double spiral in the formation. It is wonderful! Thank you!"
--a satisfied customer, Hendersonville, NC

"I put some of the Swirling Water, TTS2K0101, in my hot tub six months back, and it is clear to this day, no scum, no cloudiness, no chemicals, just clear water. It is beautiful and much cheaper than buying harsh chemicals to fight the bacteria."

--S. Whittenton, N.C.

"And let there be more!  These are precious offerings." --Tom C., British Columbia


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