On the Full Moon 2/24/13, a number of heart-centered folks gathered to create a new essence. Source requested that the group create an essence that disengages negative entities and possessions. There has been an onslaught of such entities in the energy environment of the Earth, since unhealed, suppressed grief is being released as the energies of the Earth continue to rise in the aftermath of 12/21/12. These entities seek people to attach to, and the essence will shield them from such attachments and disengage them from any that have already attached.
The essence was successfully co-created by 21 co-parents: 
Barbara A Brian C Caz Chet Christina C Dale W Duncan T Jim C Jo R Judith R Judy D Keldwyn T Laura Lynette W Melinda H Pam C Richard C Roy D Sandy T Steven W Vernon J and the participating essence beings were
0101 Global Healing Mandala Catalyst for opening divine/cosmic consciousness within self, and the planet. 
0604 Divine Closure Brings closure. Allows one to move on from the wheel of karma with no encumbrances. Creates beautiful harmonics. 
0605 Dream Weaver Releases old patterns not in alignment with where we are going. Makes peace with the past. Creates a new paradigm. 
0904 Return of Quetzalcoatl Helps you rebalance with the sustainable Earth, like the ancient Mayans. Carries new harmonics, deepens reverence. 
1103 Star Seed (Melatonin) For those ready for new brain chemicals; clears out buried emotions. Helps Native Americans resurrect as a race. http://notmadebyhands.com/set-2.html#TTS2K1103
1206 Rivers Running Changes the fluid dynamics in your body to be consistent with the new reality. Use after 1/13/13. 



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